With more than fifty years of research and operational experience we are a leader in designing and implementing sustainable, world class beef production systems for major food companies, supermarket chains, and government agencies.

Our History

50-Year Legacy

A lifetime of focused research and implementation success to create and sustain world class beef production systems.

Global Coverage

With offices in Australia, Asia and Europe we have deep experience working successfully with clients and partners worldwide.

Future Focused

Delivering sustainable solutions to address global food security and food safety concerns whilst creating broader economic opportunities.

Established Reputation

A long track record as first movers in our field which helped create new commercial opportunities for our clients and partners.

Full Value Chain Service

We manage every stage of commercial scale production systems, from genetics and breeding, development of assets and processing infrastructure, to designing eating quality programs and customised retail strategies.

Intellectual Property

Leveraging our extensive research and supported by our own software, we hold IP and maintain the knowledge to develop state of the art production systems across markets and geographies.

Our Brands