Connected by our intellectual property, Polkinghornes group companies work in partnership to service different clients and regions

Located in Singapore and Australia, Polkinghornes is the administrative and commercial headquarters for the group.

It is focused on strategic partnerships and business development globally including new markets.

With offices in Australia and Europe, Birkenwood is a dedicated consultancy business within the group.

It brings together specialist expertise to design, customise, and integrate eating quality solutions for meat industry clients worldwide.

Elite Dairy Beef is a special purpose company that provides a pathway for male dairy calves into Australia’s premium beef market.

The pathway adopts innovative nutritional systems that improve health and production potential, delivering high levels of economic and environmental efficiency.

Polkinghornes’ retail brand, we leverage decades of experience in producing world-class beef with the support of cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal eating outcome in our beef products.

This ensures all the steps in between pasture-to-palate meet our exacting standards which guarantees quality and consistency.

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